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C&C attorneys enjoyed attending the Nashville Bar Association’s Law Day Luncheon on May 4, 2018. The keynote speaker this year was Bill Purcell, Former Mayor of Nashville.  The Nashville Bar Association Diversity Committee awarded Cornelius & Collins, LLP with a 2018 Participant Award.

C&C associate attorney, Paige Bernick, and her husband, David Watkins, presented awards and gift certificates to the winners of the NBA “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom” art contest for levels K-3 and 4-8 at the Law Day Luncheon. Paige and her husband visited local classrooms to discuss The Law Day 2018 theme “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom” to encourage students to reflect on the system of checks and balances and its role in our government. Paige previously wrote an editorial about the Law Day 2018 program, which you can find here on pgs. 11-12.

Paige Bernick with husband, David, announcing Law Day 2018 winners

The winners of the levels K-3 art contest include June Fleisher-1st place from Lockeland Design Center (2nd grade), Stella Emmons-2nd place from Lockeland Design Center (2nd grade), and Ava Chea-3rd place from AZ Kelley Elementary (2nd grade). The winners of grades 4-8 art contests include Lyric Davis-1st place from Gateway Elementary (4th grade), Thalia Rasanykhone Senmounnarath-2nd place from Lakeview Design Center (4th grade), and Joy Ghaly-3rd place from Mt. View Elementary (4th grade).  Congratulations students!




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