By:  Becky Francis

We’re back!

Now that vaccinations are more available COVID numbers are going down, restrictions are being lifted and we are “back in the office”. While we learned to adapt and do things a little differently over the past year, the idea of returning to the office is both exciting and for some a little anxious. Work as it was pre-COVID will, for most offices, be a little different.

So, what has changed? As we return to work some firms are continuing to use precautionary measures such as mask requirements in public areas, hand sanitizer everywhere, and restricting the number of people at meetings. Video conferences will be on the rise from the pre-COVID days now that we have learned how convenient they can be rather than having to travel or fight traffic and parking to get everyone together.

Some firms are fully back in the office and have been for several months while others are on a flex-schedule of working remotely and in the office. Being in the office means being able to communicate face-to-face and use familiar equipment which may enhance productivity. Firms that continue the flexible or rotate scheduling say they find it to be a benefit for recruiting and retention. They site reduced anxiety from not having to commute in traffic and having more time available to work – especially for those with a long commute.

Of course, there are also downsides. COVID has left some people a little anxious about returning to the “office” environment and traffic seems to be as bad if not worse than pre-COVID in Nashville – even though not all businesses are back to full staff. Law firms that  allow remote work may find supervising staff and monitoring productivity can be an issue.

All in all, it is good to be back, see familiar faces, and know we can adapt to whatever is necessary to succeed in taking care of our clients and getting the job done.

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